DeepTech has expanded its fleet, with three work class ROVs, bringing its total number to 26 vehicles.

The Triton XLS ROVs, which operate at 150 horsepower and a depth rating of 3000 meters, add diversity and flexibility to allow DeepTech to continue to support its worldwide portfolio and expand its business further in the Eastern Mediterranean.

DeepTech forms part of the MCS Group, and as well as work and inspection class ROVs, the fleet includes MiniSpector® mini-ROVs which are designed and built in-house from its shared Innovation House.

Managing Director of DeepTech, Ahmed Soliman, said: The addition of these work class ROVs add to our overall fleet capacity and balance, which allows us to be even more responsive to our customers’ needs.

“As well as these additional work class vehicles, we are currently building a further two MiniSpector® systems, which will bring our total of these mini-ROVs from eight to 10.

“Our clients appreciate the diversity of our fleet and our ability to recommend the right vehicle for their operations to ensure efficiency and cost savings where possible.

“Innovation is in our DNA and our ROV services and intervention can be enhanced by our group’s ROV software, including our state-of-the-art Photo Realistic 3D Cloud (PRC) technology, which is built-in to the MiniSpector®, and provides underwater imagery as accurate as the human eye but without the human risk.  This gives us a further competitive advantage to enhance inspection and maintenance around the world.

“We have enjoyed steady growth in the last five years. In 2020 we announced the expansion of our custom-built facility in Cairo with a new testing pool and crane.

“This added 3600m² and means our engineers can try and test our new technology in-house to maintain our position at the forefront of deepwater projects.

“We pride ourselves in operating the very best equipment and continually look to improve our facilities and expand our fleet to continue offer clients a seamless service and enhance our industry with future ready solutions.”