Subsea Services

DeepTech Oil Services owns & manages a fleet of ROVs ranging from observation, inspection and up to Work Class ROVs 150 Hp. 3,000m water depth

  • Intervention Activities.
  • Drilling Support.
  • Construction and Installation Support.
  • Subsea Inspection.
Project Management

DeepTech Oil Services has the experience and capabilities to manage Deepwater projects on behalf of our clients such as intervention (IRM) & asset integrity projects, where the activities performed by DeepTech are planned, risk evaluated and executed according to the recent international codes and standards.

Subsea Tooling

DeepTech Oil Services provides a full range of tools required for intervention activities, drilling support, construction & installation support and subsea inspection. DeepTech has in-house research and development department that continuously develop innovative and tailor made solutions that fit various fields in the oil and gas sector.

Sample of DeepTech Clients